Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Copyright Laws

     Before learning about copyright laws for teachers I was unaware that teachers had to follow such strict rules. Teachers are only allowed to show 10% of a video or 3 minutes, which ever is shorter. This includes materials such as showing videos, music, pictures, etc. Teachers need to be very careful when presenting this kind of information to the class. I was very surprised to learn this law. I guess I just kind of figured that teachers have free choice to show anything in the classroom. Copyright laws never concerned me, until now. 
     I know many of my teachers violate this law almost everyday. Many of my teachers show youtube videos in my classrooms. Many of my teachers print things right off the internet and hand them out to us (the students) without ever giving credit to the source. I know this law is also violated outside of school in places such as restaurants. I often see signs to follow people on Facebook and the restaurants usually have the Facebook logo printed on the menus.
     I believe it is my job to educate my students about the copyright law. In sense this could be related to plagiarism, which is a huge problem. Children need to be aware that it is not okay to copy other peoples work, or to share videos online, without getting the proper permission. I could educate students about this topic by asking them to place themselves in the shoes of someone who put a lot of hard work into creating a video for website. I would then tell them to pretend they found out this video is being shared to other people, without your permission, or without giving you credit. The students would most likely respond that they would become very upset. I would then explain that this is why it is not okay to do this to other peoples work.

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