Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Learning the Photoshop software was all new to me. Until then, I have never used a photo editing program like this. I found it very cool that you could crop out images and cut around images to get the desired image. I also found the cloning tool very cool to use. Now that I know how to use this software I will be able to make graphic such as, banners for my teaching page. I can also create posters or signs to hang up in my classroom. I think a Photoshop course should be required for certain majors such as, business, education, art, fashion, and many more. I believe we use images in many different fields and it would be very beneficial to have Photoshop knowledge. I don't think it is necessary to have a Photoshop course in middle or high school unless it is an elective course. I believe that middle and high school teachers are to concerned with 'teaching to the test' to worry about the students having a required Photoshop course. If in high school it was taught as an elective, then students who have the interest could take the course.