Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New skills that I learned..

      I think it was very beneficial to take the time to learn these skills. I was really surprised with how much I didn't know about word and publisher.  Now that I learned these new skills it will take me a lot less time to complete many tasks. I think publisher will be the most helpful for me. Publisher has many templates to choose from, which I know I will be using in the classroom. I really like the newsletter templates because there are many to choose from, and they help you organize the information you have to share. As a teacher I know I will use microsoft word almost daily in my classroom so I can apply many of the skills I learned to this. I know I will also be using publisher to create many things such as, newsletters, flyers, certificates, calendars, and many other things. Now that I know that making concept maps can be done in a much easier way, I am sure I will use Inspiration in my classroom, and I will probably even have the students use it to create their own concept maps.

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